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Element™ Series HR-ICP-MS

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Clean up your spectra. Make your analysis easy. High-Resolution ICP-MS is made for the most flexible and reliable analyses, for the best analytical results. Perform accurate and reliable quantitative multi-element analyses at trace level, with the highest sensitivity and without complicated sample preparation. The Thermo Scientific™ Element 2™ and Element XR™ High Resolution ICP-MS systems cover the mg/L to sub pg/L concentration range—making them especially suitable for semiconductor, geological and material science laboratories.

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The Thermo Scientific™ Element 2™ and Element XR™ High-Resolution ICP-MS provide class-leading elimination of interferences for the highest level of confidence. With ultra-sensitive and reliable multi-element analyses at trace-level concentrations, there’s no need for complicated sample preparation and method development.

In mass spectrometry, spectral interferences occur when the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of interfering ions overlap with analyte ions. These interferences are the primary limitation of ICP-MS. Fortunately, there’s a better way. The high mass resolution potential of a sector-field mass spectrometer can physically distinguish and separate an analyte from interferences by exploiting small differences in mass-to-charge. Therefore, high resolution (HR) ICP-MS can quantify concentrations and determine precise isotope ratios for elements across nearly the entire periodic table, regardless of the sample matrix.

The simplicity of high-resolution ICP-MS allows the most advanced performance, without compromising on straightforward and reliable method development. This makes the Element series the platform of choice in top-level research and metrology institutions, as well as advanced routine analysis laboratories across the globe.

Features and benefits

  • High mass resolution: Accurately measure isotope signals separate from spectral interferences and produce clean elemental spectra while retaining flexibility.
  • Straightforward analytical methods: Providing visual confirmation of accurate measurements.
  • Interference removal: no use of reactive gases.
  • High sensitivity: Get accurate and precise multi-element analysis down to pg·L-1 concentrations for all resolutions. The Element XR HR-ICP-MS increases the linear dynamic range by an additional three orders of magnitude for maximum flexibility.
  • Ideal for transient multi-elemental signals, such as laser ablation, HPLC, GC, CE, FFF.
  • High-precision isotope ratios.
  • An advanced research tool with the reliability and robustness to serve in 24/7 production control.