Thermo Scientific™

Nanospray Ion Source

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Industrial & Applied Science

Increase the sensitivity of LC-MS analyses with nanospray ionization. The Thermo Scientific™ Nanospray ion source is a comprehensive solution with a high-resolution imaging system for direct observation and optimization of the spray. Each nanospray source is supplied with a consumables kit, allowing quick startup.
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Complete low-flow solution with source, imaging, consumables, instructions, and support


  • Easily interchangeable probe design supports static, dynamic, and packed-tip nanospray
  • Accommodates integrally packed fused-silica needle tip for zero post-column analyte loss
  • High-voltage connection enables application of voltage to the tip or to a liquid junction without repositioning the probe, reducing setup time
  • Picture-in-picture allows spray visualization on the computer monitor for ease of tuning and positioning
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