ProteinCenter Software

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Quickly extract meaningful biological information from multiple, complex data sets within minutes using Thermo Scientific™ ProteinCenter software, a web-based data tool for interpreting proteomics data. ProteinCenter software will find salient trends in data to facilitate biological insights.

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Accesss the Latest Data and >10 Million Non-redundant Proteins
  • Access a single database consolidated from >20 public databases including all historical data
  • Compare data sets with the latest, as well as outdated, protein sequences and annotations
Produce Meaningful Results
  • Remove redundancy
  • Seamlessly compare data sets identified at different times and in different databases
  • Cluster proteins by protein sequence, shared peptides or peptide-indistinguishable protein groups
Compare Experiments
  • Compare imported data sets in terms of proteins or peptides independent of input format, protein database and its version
  • Compare 20 or more samples simultaneously—independent of the searched database and its version
  • Compare protein lists from different databases against each other or international studies
  • Reduce complexity—group proteins based on peptides or sequence homology
  • Create exclusion lists and remove protein contamination
Reveal the Biological Context of each Data Set
  • See differences in expression levels of healthy and diseased samples
  • Reveal the results of chemical perturbation or genetic modification
  • Compare each data set against complete proteomes of any species from any database
Integrate Data Sets from multiple Search Engines
  • Overcome the challenges of entering data sets from multiple sources and filtering out redundant data—no more spreadsheet comparisons
  • Easily import data sets from different vendors and open source search engines


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