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PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K182104A
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PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit

Catalog number: K182104A
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Catalog Number
Unit Size
4 x 96 preps
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Catalog NumberUnit SizePrice (USD)AvailabilityQuantity
K182104A4 x 96 preps
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The PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit enables high-yield, high-purity, genomic DNA (gDNA) extractions from a wide variety of sample types in a high-throughput platform. This single kit allows genomic DNA purification from blood, tissues, cells, bacteria, swabs, and blood spots, using a familiar silica semi-skirted 96-well plate format. Advantages of the PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit:

Kit flexibility—one kit works with a variety of sample types and sizes
Ultraclean gDNA—excellent A260/A280 and A260/A230 absorbance ratios, regardless of sample source
Improved design—optimized, semi-skirted, 96-well plates compatible with centrifugation and most benchtop and robotic vacuum manifolds

Multiple sample sources, one kit
The PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit can be used with many different sample types, each with its own optimized protocol outlined in the manual. Examples of sample sources and amounts that can be used with the PureLink™ Pro Genomic DNA Purification Kit include mammalian cells and tissue, FFPE tissue, Oragene™-preserved saliva, mouse and rat tails, non-nucleated whole blood (human, mouse), nucleated whole blood (bird), blood spot on paper, bacterial cells, and yeast cells.

Improved plate design
The PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides optimized, semi-skirted, 96-well plates (see figure), for improved performance and results. In addition, the plate nozzles with annular collar prevent cross-contamination of samples and improve drying of the silica membrane to prevent ethanol carryover. Sample processing can be performed manually using a benchtop vacuum manifold, by centrifugation (at ∼2 x g), or with an automated liquid handling platform. The semi-skirted plate design is compatible with most vacuum manifolds on robotic workstations.

Higher yields and purity
The PureLink™ Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit outperforms competitor products in both DNA yield and purity for multiple sample types, including blood (see figure). You are also able to get greater yields of higher-purity gDNA (determined by A260/A280 measurements) no matter what your sample type is; from bacteria to tissues to blood to cells (see figures). The enhanced PureLink™ Lysis and Wash Buffers help consistently deliver purified gDNA samples with absorbance reading ratios of ∼1.8 for both A260/A280 and A260/A230, indicating no contamination carryover of protein or guanidine (see figure).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Isolation Technology
Silica Plate
Sample Type
Bacteria, Cells, Dried Blood Spots, FFPE (Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded), Mouse/Rat Tail, Saliva, Buccal Swab, Tissue, Whole Blood, Yeast
Elution Volume
50 to 200 μL
Final Product Type
For Use With (Equipment)
Biomek™ FX, Eppendorf epMotion™, TECAN Freedom Evo™, TECAN Genesis™, Robotic Liquid Handling Systems
For Use With (Application)
PCR, Southern blotting, sequencing, nucleic acid labeling, hybridization
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
4 x 96 Preps
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Test Time
45 min. (Including sample homogenization)
0.5 mg (Binding capacity)
Starting Material Amount
Bacteria: ≤109 cells
Buccal Swab: 1
Cells: ≤106
Dried Blood Spots: ≤5 punches
FFPE: ≤8 sections of 5-15 μM thickness
Mouse Tail: 1 cm
Rat Tail: 0.5 cm
Saliva (Oragene™ preserved): ≤200 μL
Tissue: ≤25 mg
Whole Blood: ≤200 μL
Yeast: ≤107 cells

Contents & Storage

• 80 mL PureLink Pro 96 Genomic Lysis/Binding Buffer; room temperature
• 70 mL PureLink Pro 96 Genomic Digestion Buffer; room temperature
• 2 x 100 mL PureLink Pro 96 Genomic Wash Buffer 1; room temperature
• 2 x 75 mL PureLink Pro 96 Genomic Wash Buffer 2; room temperature
• 160 mL PureLink Pro 96 Genomic Elution Buffer; room temperature
• 8 mL RNase A; room temperature
• 8 mL PureLink Pro 96 Proteinase K; room temperature, or 4°C for long-term storage
• 4 PureLink Genomic DNA Filter Plates; room temperature
• 2 x 6 plates 96 Deep Well Blocks; room temperature
• 20/pack PureLink Foil Tape; room temperature


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