ProSightPC and ProSightPD Software

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Perform comprehensive analysis of top-down and middle-down proteomics data with Thermo Scientific™ ProSightPC™ and Thermo Scientific™ ProSightPD™ software. These tools feature robust proteomic search engines for proteoform characterization, including proteoforms with unknown PTMs or truncations. ProSightPC software accommodates proteomic data generated by fragmentation techniques present in any Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers. ProSightPC software is the only proteomics software that allows the user to easily search MS/MS data against proteome warehouses containing the complete biological complexity found in UniProt.

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Broad Functionality

A fast and flexible proteomics search engine for both targeted and high-throughput protein identification, designed specifically for top-down proteomics and middle-down proteomics data.
  • Includes five different database search modes—Accurate Mass, Biomarker, Sequence Tag, Single Protein, and Gene Restricted search—for exceptional intact protein characterization. Multiple search modes enable precise determination of the exact composition of proteoforms, including those forms with modifications and truncations.
  • Offers false-discovery rate calculations through ProSightPD software to control for false positives.
  • Processes many different types of fragmentation data, including data generated using ETD, HCD, EThcD, UVPD, ECD, IRMPD, or CID. 
  • Enables merging of graphical fragment maps, even those with different ion types.
  • Includes proprietary ProSight Warehouses containing all known post-translational modifications (PTMs), alternative splicing events and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).
  • Offers more robust precursor mass analysis, with FAIMS and PTR data now readily analyzable using ProSightPD software. Both high- and low-resolution data can be processed with the Xtract and ReSpect algorithms embedded in ProSightPD software.
  • Imports FASTA databases and shotgun annotates them with all possible modifications
  • Allows users to experience unparalleled, versatile visualization for reviewing search results and customizing modifications to find better result fits.
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