Thermo Scientific™

SabIR™ Diffuse Reflectance Probe

Thermo Scientific SabIR Diffuse Reflectance Probe is a high-performance NIR fiber optic accessory for the Antaris™ FT-NIR analyzer. Ideal for quality control laboratories that need remote sampling capabilities, the SabIR Diffuse Reflectance Probe provides excellent analysis of pharmaceuticals, polymers, fabrics, food and biological samples.
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  • Enables remote non-destructive sampling through a variety of packaging materials
  • Particularly useful for raw material identification, quality measurements, and sample component analysis
  • Remote analysis of powders and solids
  • Stainless steel construction and rugged sapphire window
  • Remote “start” trigger with status lights
  • Two, three and five meter lengths available
  • Standard SMA fiber optic probe connection
  • Integrated Spectralon reference standard
With the Transflectance Adapter, the SabIR probe can be used to analyze liquid samples.