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Model 290 Marple Personal Cascade Impactor

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Obtain complete and accurate aerodynamic particle size distributions with one of the only multi-jet, multi-stage personal cascade impactors on the market.
Designed to be worn by the worker, the Thermo Scientific™ Model 290 Marple Personal Cascade Impactor provides complete and accurate aerodynamic particle size distributions from 0.4 to 21 microns; final filter collects all aerosol analyte.

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Main Features:

  • Aerodynamic range of 21 to 0.5 microns with final filter
  • Lightweight design
  • Useful as a personal or area sampler
  • Available in two to eight stages
  • Cut points: 21.3 and above, 14.8, 9.8, 6.0, 3.5, 1.55, 0.93, 0.52 and final filter
  • A variety of collection substrates available

How It Works:

  • Sampled air enters the inlet cowl and accelerates through six radial slots in the first impactor stage.
  • Cowl eliminates ashes and debris from the sampler.
  • Particles larger than the cut-point of the first stage impact on the pre-cut collection substrate.
  • Airstream flows through the narrower slots in the second impactor stage, smaller particles impact on the second collection substrate, and so on.
  • Widths of the radial slots are constant for each stage but are smaller for each succeeding stage; thus, the jet velocity is higher for each succeeding stage, and smaller particles eventually acquire sufficient momentum to impact on one of the collection substrates.
  • After the last impactor stage, remaining fine particles are collected by the built-in 34mm filter.

Recommended for:

Wood dust; coal dust; silica dust; respirable dust sampling; inhalation toxicology, aerobacteriology; indoor air pollution; Low cost, multi-point sampling; Aerosol research.

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