Thermo Scientific™

Smart Probes with Calibration/Set-up Memory

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

The “Smart” configuration for Thermo Scientific™ probes includes a memory device containing all pertinent calibration and operating criteria; boosts efficiency and reduces user workload.

Connection of a smart probe to a compatible instrument means a high degree of automation and efficiency.

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  • Automatically sets the high voltage, threshold settings, units of measurement, response times, over range limits and other defining characteristics
  • Permits rapid detector replacements or swapping of probe types in the field
  • Facilitates a more efficient means for calibrating instruments and probes

Ordering Information:

Smart probes may be ordered by using the prefix “S” to any HP probe model number, i.e. SHP-270. Existing probes may also be converted to the Smart configuration by the addition of an external SmartPack