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Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab

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Simplify the transportation of throat, vaginal, wound and skin swabs with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Amies Agar Gel Transport Swabs. Amies Agar Gel Transport Swabs come with soft rayon tips, which are inert and non-toxic to microorganisms.

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Ensure optimal sample collection and recovery using Amies Agar Gel Transport Swabs.

  • Contains media for the maintenance of bacterial sample during transport to the laboratory.
  • Soft rayon tips are inert and non-toxic to microorganisms
  • Each batch of product is tested for performance using a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic pathogens to ensure adequate recoveries.
  • Lot number/expiry date and tamper-evident tube ensure complete traceability and sterility.
  • "Venturi" Hour-Glass Tube Design prevents disintegration of gel column and eliminates undesirable air pockets, bubbles and breaks in gel which may be harmful to fastidious bacteria
  • Maximum gel for anerobe preservations at 5mL provides sample viability and protection 
  • Product does not contain glass ampules, meaning more safety as there is no need to break any glass and no seals or barriers to puncture or dry out swabs

 Not all products are available for sale in all territories. Please inquire.

Remel™ and Oxoid™ products are now part of the Thermo Scientific brand.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.