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Savant™ Universal SpeedVac™ Vacuum System

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Vacuum Concentrators & Pumps

Safely handle and recover solvents with the Thermo Scientific™ Savant™ Universal SpeedVac™ Vacuum System, equipped with an easy to use, wide-mouth glass condensation flask. This single integrated unit combines an oil-free vacuum source and refrigerated vapor trap, and can be connected to any of the concentrators to provide a complete SpeedVac system.

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Savant UVS400:

  • Low maintenance, oil-free and corrosion resistant system
  • Wide mouth glass condensation flask with self-sealing cover
  • Small footprint
  • Single stage refrigeration system
  • Efficient operation with all SpeedVac concentrators, gel dryers and other vacuum-dependent equipment
  • Optional post trap (model no. ANT100) may be added to neutralize ammonia or acid
  • Chemical trap (model no. DTK120R) may be added to absorb volatile radioactivity and residual vapor
  • Max. vacuum <10 torr (13.3mbar)
  • Oil-free ETFE diaphragm pump
  • 36 liters/minute displacement on 60Hz; 30 liters/minute on 50Hz models

Savant US800DDA:

All the standard features as well as:

  • 3-stage high efficiency oil free pump
  • Max. Vacuum <0.6 torr
  • 36 liters/minute on 60Hz; 20 liters/minute on 50Hz models
  • PTFE tubing and vapor path
  • Post trap ANT100 included
  • Order ANS121/4 ammonia neutralizing solution separately
  • VaporNet™ solvent recovery enhancement


Thermo Scientific™ CryoCool™ heat transfer fluid (model no. SCC1) must be ordered for use with all refrigerated cold traps, and the universal vacuum source. Please order separately.