pEXP-5-NT/TOPO™ TA Expression Kit

Catalog number:  V96005

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Protein Expression

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The pEXP5-NT/TOPO® TA Expression Kit provides a highly efficient, five-minute, one-step cloning strategy for thedirect insertion of Taq polymerase-amplified PCR products into a plasmid vector for T7-based, high-level expression of recombinant fusion proteins in the Expressway™ Maxi Cell-Free E. coli Expression System or for inducible expression in E. coli. No ligase, post-PCR procedures, or PCR primers containing special sequences are required to generate the expression construct.

Features of the pEXP5-NT/TOPO® vector include:

• Bacteriophage T7 promoter for high-level, inducible expression of the recombinant protein of interest
• Ribosome binding site (RBS) optimally spaced from the initiation ATG in the N-terminal tag for efficient translation of the recombinant fusion protein
• N-terminal fusion tag for detection and purification of recombinant fusion proteins
• Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV) recognition site for cleavage of the N-terminal 6xHis peptide from your recombinant fusion protein
• TOPO® Cloning site for rapid and efficient cloning of Taq-amplified PCRproducts
• Ampicillin resistance gene for selection in E. coli
• pUC origin for high-copy replication and maintenance of the plasmid in E. coli
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Antibiotic Resistance Bacterial: Ampicillin (AmpR)
Bacterial or Yeast Strain: TOP10
Cloning Method: TOPO®-TA
Expression Mechanism: Cell-Based Expression
Expression System: E. coli
Product Line: Expressway™, TOPO®
Promoter: T7
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): None
Vector: pEXP, TOPO-TA Vectors
Protein Tag: His Tag (6x)

Contents & storage

The pEXP-5-NT/TOPO® TA Expression Kit includes vector, 10X PCR Buffer, dNTP Mix, Salt Solution, Water, T7 Forward Primer, T7 Reverse Primer, Control PCR Primers, and Control PCR Template.