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Lab Automation

Easily build Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS software spectral searching,chemometrics and spectral math functionality into your own programming environment with Thermo Scientific™ MyInstrument and Software Components.  Based on Microsoft™ ActiveX™ technology, MyInstrument software offers a simple methodology for developing a software-based data acquisition module, creating a "virtual instrument" that is almost as easy to use as a printer.

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MyInstrument software and its associated components are designed specifically to promote reusability of instrument control functions in laboratory research, routine analysis and process control applications.

Instruments that have MyInstrument data acquisition software are fully compatible with GRAMS software version 5.1 or higher.

A Simpler, Smoother-Running Lab

  • Eliminates the need to use the instrument vendors’ over-featured lab software for routine analysis applications
  • Requires less training and makes the whole system less prone to operator error
  • Easily plugs into Thermo Scientific™ GRAMS/AI™ Microsoft™ Excel, National Instruments™ LabView, Microsoft™ Visual Basic and many other applications
  • Offers a universal scripting interface—little or no code rewrite required when switching to another vendor's instrument for the same method or application

Streamlined Development

  • Makes it easy to develop a single data analysis or automation application that can be delivered to different customers who are using different vendor's instruments
  • Lowers costs and reduces development time while getting new software products out to more users faster

An Efficient Tool for Instrument Manufacturers

  • Multiplies the investment in software development by ensuring that new instruments are immediately compatible with old applications software and vice versa
  • Encourages incremental sales from third parties and customers developing new applications around specific instruments for vertical market applications
  • Simplifies testing and applications validation by separating instrument control functions from application software and processing code
  • Makes it easy to quickly develop new software applications around existing hardware to accommodate new analysis techniques

Spectral Search Component

  • Provides all the tools for creating powerful applications for spectral identification and matching for many types of spectroscopy data
  • Includes tools for creating, managing and searching spectral databases

PLSplus/IQ Prediction DLL Component

  • Features 32-bit Windows™ DLL, which can perform complex mathematics and preprocessing for chemometric analyses
  • Allows instrument manufacturers to offer the power and benefits of chemometrics in their analyzers

Scientific Arithmetic Library Component

  • Comprehensive library of math routines for processing spectroscopy and chromatography data includes a number of advanced mathematical functions designed specifically for analytical data
  • Software is inherently aware of such data and of the fact that they are not arrays of dimensionless numbers

Spectral Information Display Component

  • Easy-to-use tool for displaying spectra, chromatograms, annotations, etc., is specifically optimized to handle large data sets
  • GRAMS technology ensures fast, real-time graphics display

SPC I/O Library Component

  • Royalty-free software component for reading and creating files in the Thermo Scientific universal SPC format for analytical data