ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Combo Kit

Catalog number: ZM0002

ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Combo Kit

Catalog number: ZM0002
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The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ system is the first system to offer oil-free, 2D electrophoresis in a mini-gel format. First dimension separation isoelectric focusing (IEF) is typically complete in less than three hours. The mini-gel design of the system is easy to handle, eliminates mineral oil overlays, and allows processing of up to 12 samples at once for high-throughput usage.

The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Combo Kit includes everything needed for first dimension separation:
• ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini-Cell
• 10 ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassettes
• 12 ZOOM™ Strips, pH 3-10NL

For second dimension separation, Novex™ ZOOM™ gels and the XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell are recommended (both are available separately).

ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini-Cell
The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini-Cell consists of a Zoom™ IPGRunner Core, a mini-cell chamber, and a lid. The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Core can be used to perform isoelectric focusing of up to 12 IPG strips (ZOOM™ Strips) loaded in two ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassettes.

ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassette
The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassette is used to perform oil-free rehydration and isoelectric focusing of up to six 7.0 cm IPG strips (ZOOM™ Strips) without requiring separate units for rehydration and isoelectric focusing. The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassettes are disposable.

ZOOM™ Strips
ZOOM™ Strips are 7 cm long and contain a thin layer of polyacrylamide gel with a fixed pH gradient. Each ZOOM™ Strip is clearly labeled with a unique identifying number, pH range, and orientation marks (Figure 3). ZOOM™ Strips are supplied attached to a tri-fold card (Figure 4) for easy access and removal.

Novex™ ZOOM™ Gels (available separately)
ZOOM™ Gels are pre-cast polyacrylamide gels designed for 2D analysis of proteins following isoelectric focusing with ZOOM™ Strips. They are recommended for use with our XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell. ZOOM™ Gels contain an IPG well and a molecular weight marker well. The IPG well is designed to accommodate the 7.0 cm ZOOM™ Strips. Two types of ZOOM™ Gels are available separately:

NuPAGE™ Novex™ 4–12% Bis-Tris ZOOM™ Gel

Novex™ 4–20% Tris-Glycine ZOOM™ Gel
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment)
XCell SureLock™ Mini, ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini
Gel Compatibility
ZOOM™ IPG Strips
Gel Size
7 cm strips
Product Line
IPGRunner™, ZOOM™

Contents & Storage

The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini-Cell includes the ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Buffer Core and Lid, Gel Tension Wedge, Buffer Dam, and the Mini- Cell chamber. The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Combo Kit includes the ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Mini-Cell, electrode wicks, sealing tape, 10 ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassettes, and 12 ZOOM™ Strips, pH 3-10 NL. The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Retrofit Kit for XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell includes the ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Buffer Core and Lid. The ZOOM™ IPGRunner™ Cassettes include electrode wicks and sealing tape.