Ultra-Fast Inclusion Analysis with Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark Optical Emission Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark OES Metals Analyzer performs inclusion analysis simultaneously with elemental analysis, enabling real-time control of inclusions for hundreds of samples analyzed every day in a steel production.

The Spark-DAT Software Suite includes all the on- and off-line software modules and features needed for inclusion analysis, analytical method development and set-up, as well as in-depth investigation, control and reporting of inclusions. The ARL iSpark with Spark-DAT Software Suite is the perfect solution to prevent cost and quality problems caused by inclusions.

Fill in this form to watch our inclusion analysis expert, Jean-Marc Bohlen, present our ultra-fast inclusion analysis method.

What will be presented:

  • Inclusions and the importance to control them
  • Principles and applications of inclusion analysis
  • Software tools for inclusion analysis
  • Live demonstration
ARL iSpark

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