Watson Mercury Speciation System

Be the first to learn about our new mercury emissions solution, the Thermo Scientific Watson Mercury Speciation System (MSS). It’s a complete, integrated solution comprised of a Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence analyzer, optional NIST traceable elemental mercury calibrator, probe controller and probe with oxidized mercury converter. The Watson MSS measures total and elemental mercury and reports oxidized mercury for the understanding of process controls for mercury abatement.

Thermo Scientific Mercury Watson Mercury Speciation System

Thermo Scientific Watson Mercury Speciation System

Thermo Scientific is the global leader in mercury monitoring, with over 600 installs around the globe. The Watson system is an adaptation of the same technology, to meet the current regulations for mercury monitoring equipment in the European Union.

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hat You Need to Know About Mercury Emissions, Regulations, and Monitoring

Stay ahead of the regulations in Europe with our newly published eBook, What You Need to Know About Mercury Emissions, Regulations, and Monitoring. Learn about current and upcoming mercury regulations from US EPA, Chinese MEP, India and the European Commission.

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Want to see what a Watson Mercury Speciation System will look like in your plant?

Download the Augmented Reality tracker and follow the instructions to download a free app. Together with the App and the tracker, you can visualize what the Watson MSS looks like in your facility.

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Cold Vapor Atomic Florescence is a highly sensitive measurement method employed in a Mercury Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS). This is just one of the techniques used to measure such low concentrations in the U.S., and there are many parallels to the recent European directives for Large Combustion Plants and Waste Incinerators. The need for lower level performance and qualification, as has been seen by the regulations and implementation in the U.S. and E.U. alike, is on the increase as the global community looks to decrease Hg emissions to their lowest level into the future.

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