Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Software

Design, execute, and capture experiment data with best in industry ELN

The Labguru Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software is Thermo Fisher Scientific’s chosen advanced user-friendly ELN solution. The ELN was created by scientists to cater specifically to the needs of scientific researchers to capture, analyze, manage, and share vital scientific data and information.

With its user-friendly and intuitive interface, it ensures a seamless onboarding experience and simplifies all aspects of research. The software offers a structured platform for organizing data and maximizing the value of your findings, while still maintaining the flexibility and adaptability required for modern research organizations.

Easily organize and structure your data, with a secure and centralized database to support and accelerate your R&D efforts. Create shared experiments and tasks with teammates, share protocols and SOPS, and use the internal chat function to keep discussions associated with projects and experiments in one place.


Additionally, integrate the ELN with existing workflows and procedures in Thermo Scientific LIMS software, enabling end-to-end visibility across experiments.  Get the advantage of our exceptional support and service for all your software and equipment needs, ensuring a seamless experience by receiving assistance from a single provider. 




  • Monitor research progress remotely
  • Get reports on lab activity, progress, and usage
  • Retain research history

Department heads 

  • Ensure research continuity
  • Enhance inter-lab collaboration
  • Monitor research output
  • Drive reproducible, verifiable results
  • Securely manage data and IP
  • Optimize equipment usage

Lab managers

  • Monitor inventory and material storage locations
  • Have visibility into stock levels and know when it's time to order 
  • Eliminate duplicate orders
  • Know where everything is at any given time
  • Ensure researchers only order materials from authorized vendors


  • Everything is organized in one place – write papers, forms, and spread sheets faster, design workflow steps, and annotate images
  • Plan experiments and record results in real-time
  • Collaborate easily and connect experiments to resources (materials, samples, instruments)
  • Upload and visualize data in the context of experiments


Compare results with datasets & reports

Efficiently track and review your progress across experiments by collecting and visualizing datasets.

Annotate results & link to experiments

Improve data accessibility by linking results to relevant experiments and notes.

Manage projects & set goals

Track research progress, set targets, and assign tasks to team members remotely.

Organize papers & protocols

Save protocols and related documents in the centralized digital hub to preserve information in an easily searchable system.

Molecular & chemistry tools 

Draw chemical compounds and reactions, query molecules, and easily add them to lab reports.

New! Requests module: Streamlining your ELN operations

The ELNs Requests module is designed to meet the needs of quality control labs, contract research organizations, service labs, R&D, manufacturing, and logistics teams. It offers a revolutionary approach to submitting, tracking, and managing requests, empowering users to streamline their processes and enhance efficiency. 


  • Improved collaboration and accountability: By utilizing unified templates, effective communication is facilitated, ensuring that all team members are well-informed and have clear responsibility of their assigned tasks within the ELN platform.
  • Enhanced data management: Seamlessly integrate with the ELN to streamline data management and boost overall efficiency.
  • Optimal allocation of resources: Effectively prioritize and schedule testing activities based on urgency and deadlines, enabling your team to allocate resources efficiently and achieve quicker results.
  • Enhanced visibility and tracking: Gain real-time updates on status and request assignment, allowing for transparent tracking and providing a comprehensive view of processes. This visibility enables effective decision-making and efficient project management.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Manage laboratory information, data, instruments and workflows.

Lab Execution System (LES)

Drive productivity and compliance with correct execution of your methods and SOPs, the first time.

Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)

Enable secure and compliant data management and archival.


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