Composite materials are making their way into many different application areas, ranging from aerospace to automotive to construction. Their properties improve stiffness and strength and allow for the design of lightweight components at a reasonable cost.

In this on-demand webcast, we present many advanced features of Thermo Scientific Avizo Software allowing you to characterize your fibrous materials, know more about their porosity and performance in time. In addition we highlight some use cases developed with our partners and introduce the brand new Thermo Scientific Avizo2D Software and Xtra Library of ready-to-customize recipes.

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Thermo Scientific Avizo Software allows for analysis of the fibers that reinforce composite materials, computing length, orientation, and density. Avizo Software also detects matrix defects such as voids or foreign debris, cracking or delamination, and richness or dryness. It can analyze pore networks for the latest micro- and/or nano-porous composites, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the material properties and to perform improved quality control on industrial parts made of composite material. Additionally, analysis of deformations of the material under physical constraints allows for damage prediction of deficiencies.

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