mRNA vaccine methodologies have many advantages over traditional vaccine workflows. Primarily, they elicit a potent immune response, have a much shorter development cycle, and cost less to manufacture. Development of mRNA vaccines requires highly purified nucleic acid components to ensure efficient production.

In this session, the speaker will look at the steps involved in the mRNA vaccine development and production process and highlight how UV-Vis spectroscopy is an important QA/QC tool in these workflows.

Run time: 32 minutes

Brian Matlock

Brian Matlock is a Senior Product Applications Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. He specializes in the development of UV-Vis technology for applications in pharmaceuticals, biosciences, academia and industry.

Brian’s expertise in biotechnology, molecular biology and PCR, among other areas, developed during his 13 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific and over eight years working as a scientist for various pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences companies. 

Brian graduated with a Masters in Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2000. He maintains membership in professional groups such as R&D Biopharma, Pharma and BioTech; Life Sciences Professionals; and Third Generation Sequencing.

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