Scanning Electron Microscope Webinar on characterization of nanomaterials


Nanomaterials studies require the highest resolution SEM imaging while preserving sensitive materials and structures. This requires that exceptional low-kV performance is brought to everyday users of SEM.

This webinar will present Thermo Scientific technology advances in electron source, electron column, detector and the user interface that enables routine ultra-low voltage SEM imaging and characterization.

Who should attend?

  • Scientists
  • Principle Investigators

Why should you attend?

By watching the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find out which level of information high-performance SEM is able to provide for nanomaterial samples
  • Understand how different technologies on the Verios 5 work in unison for exceptional low-V performance
  • Discover how user interface automation brings expert results to all users

Speaker biography

Brandon Van Leer
Sr. Applications and Business Development Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Brandon Van Leer joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in late 2004 as a Senior Applications Engineer after his tenure at HP as a Materials Engineer in the Imaging and Printing Group. He then led the North American SEM, FIB and Small DualBeam applications team for a number of years. For the past several years, Brandon acted as a business development and product marketing engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific's Materials & Structural Analysis business unit in the Americas. In recent years, his role has expanded to have a global focus in applications and business development.

Brandon’s professional background has focused largely on materials characterization and development of electronic materials and polymers. He has over 20 years experience in various analytical techniques and over 16 years exploring SEM and FIB. Brandon’s current research interests are in S/TEM sample preparation and 3D characterization of materials using FIB technology. Brandon received his BS in Physics (1988) and his MS in Electrical Engineering (2002) from Oregon State University. He is a member of MSA and IEEE.

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