CaptureSelect affinity ligands are created by a proprietary technology based on Camelid-derived single domain antibody fragments. They offer unique specificity and affinity to their target molecule.

The biotinylated affinity ligands are excellent tools for your biotherapeutic analytical assays such as ELISA, label-free detection, and molecular characterization by LC-MS analysis.

To learn more about the use of CaptureSelect conjugates, complete the form below and download our application note and the selected scientific publications on the following topics:

Application note:

  • Analysis of human therapeutic antibodies in plasma by Ligand Binding Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (LB-MSIA)

Scientific articles:

  • Erythropeietin (EPO) quantification by label-free biolayer interferometry
  • Characterization of antibody drug conjugate distribution and drug-to-antibody ratio in serum by LC-MS analysis
  • N-linked glycan analysis of proteins by Mass Spectrometry analysis
  • De novo mining of autoantibodies and their corresponding autoantigens by ELISA and protein arrays

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