A closed, automated cell isolation, activation, and bead removal system for cell therapy manufacturing

The Gibco CTS DynaCellect Magnetic Separation System provides closed, fully automated, and rapid cell isolation, activation, and bead removal while helping to decrease variability in cell therapy manufacturing. The high speed, operator-independent system is designed to isolate the right cells and achieve high cell purity and viability. As a closed and automated instrument, it helps minimize failures in manufacturing, reducing contamination while providing increased precision.

The CTS DynaCellect Magnetic Separation System can help you scale your cell therapy workflow from process development through to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Key features of the CTS DynaCellect Magnetic System include:

  • Scalable—up to 1 liter of reaction volume for cell isolation with throughput time of ~100 minutes
  • Proven performance—achieve >85% isolation efficiency of target cells with >96% purity with no effect on cell viability
  • High speed—average protocol time for cell isolation is 70–100 minutes
  • Process flexibility—user‑programmable software helps enable you to create and optimize isolation and bead removal protocols from process development to commercialization
  • Modular—use independently of other systems or as part of the workflow
  • Automated, closed system—operator‑independent results

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