Gibco Expi293 Expression System

Trust the industry standard for rapid, high-yield transient HEK 293 expression.

Every minute counts when it comes to expressing drug candidates. That’s why the Gibco Expi293 Expression System is the tried-and-true choice for transient expressionin 293 cells. This rapid, high-yield system allows you to access recombinant 293–derived proteins in just five to seven days, so you get what you need faster.

Gibco ExpiCHO Expression System

Maintain protein quality and function from research to bioproduction.

Switching from 293 to CHO cells during drug development may cost you precious time and create uncertainty. Now there’s a better way. The Gibco ExpiCHO Expression System provides the highest protein yields possible in a transient system. That means you can always work in CHO cells, starting from discovery all the way through to production.