Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade your Reagent Dispenser

1. Increased Walk Away Time
The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi and Combi nl have compatible drivers making them easy to integrate with other automated platforms. This integrated platform is designed to be a complete walk-away system, unlike the Thermo Scientific Multidrop 384 and DW which are not as easy to integrate with other automated platforms.

2. Speed and Versatility
The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi and Combi nl incorporate up to 5 speeds and utilize plate options that can dispense 6 – 1536 wells with automatic plate height adjustment of 5 to 50 mm or 55mm (Combi nL) – the Multidrop Combi dispensers work for virtually any application. And with less hands-on time to process plates, they are designed to enable standardization of assay times, time intervals between adding different reagents and time between each plate.

3. Easy to use
The visual icon-based graphic display on the Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi and Combi nl makes it easy to use and program unlike DW/384 that has manual volume adjustments and incorporates different adapters to change plate heights. The Thermo Scientific FILLit Software is designed to develop and transfer protocols into the instrument quick and efficiently.

4. Protocol Optimization
The External FiLLIt software is designed to allow for protocol optimization; offsets for custom well styles, well depths and locations within a well. In addition, automatic plate height adjustments allow for up to 50/55mm based on the plate types selected. For the Multidrop Combi nl customers, they can use it to dispense up to 1536 well plates and perform row, column and individual well processing. This is designed to allow for normalization applications to be performed quickly and easily setting up the protocol in the user-friendly FILLit software.

5. New Cassettes offerings
The Multidrop Combi 384 and DW has limited cassette options which can often restrict dispensing volumes. These products use only standard cassettes whereas the Multidrop Combi uses small plastic / metal and standard plastic cassettes in both regular and sterile formats which offers a broader volume range and compatibility for certain applications.

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