Water Analysis Lab and Process Monitoring Instruments

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Table of Services and Services Descriptions

Material Description 2020 Rate Orion Accumet
CALSERVD1 Calibration Level 1 $374 Star A111, Star A112, Star A113, Star A121, Star A122, Star A123, Star A211, Star A212, Star A213, Star A214, Star A221, Star A222, Star A223, Star A321, Star A322, Star A323, Star A324, 0261S0, 0266S0, 0131S3, 0136S3, Versa Star (1 module), 2-Star/2-Star Plus, 3-Star/3-Star Plus AB150, XL150, AP71, AP72, AP74, AP75, AP110, AP115
CALSERVD2 Calibration Level 2 $403 Star A215, Star A216, Star A325, Star A326, Versa Star (2 modules), 4-Star/4-Star Plus AB200, AB250, XL200, XL250, AP84, AP85, AP125
CALSERVD3 Calibration Level 3 $436 1010001 Cond. Cal. Resistor Kit Versa Star (3 modules) XL500
CALSERVD4 Calibration Level 4 $467 Dual Star  
CALSERVD5 Calibration Level 5 $553 Star A329, Versa Star (4 modules), 5-Star/5-Star Plus XL600
CALSERVD6 Calibration Level 6 $745 T900 Series Titrators  
701-MISCITEMD Test & Advise / Evaluation $150 All models All models