Tools for High-Throughput Resin Screening and Optimization

POROS and CaptureSelect RoboColumn™ products are small chromatography columns supporting high-throughput process development for resin screening and optimizing chromatographic conditions. The ready-to-use 96-well formatted chromatography columns are useful for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations on robotic liquid handling stations.

Key applications:

High-throughput screening

  • Parallel screening and optimization of chromatographic conditions
  • Chromatographic resin screening for dynamic binding capacity and separation efficiency

Scale-down experiments

POROS and CaptureSelect RoboColumn pre-packed columns are available for a large selection of commercially available chromatographic resins of different functionalities including ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and affinity chromatography. Poros Robocolumn columns are available in 200 µL and 600 µL volumes (Table 1) and CaptureSelect Robocolumn columns are available in 50 µL and 200 µL volumes (Table 2).

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 POROS™ MabCapture™ A RoboColumn, 200 µL
  POROS™ MabCapture™ A RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ MabCapture™ A Select RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ MabCapture™ A Select RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ HS50 RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ HS50 RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ XS RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ XS RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ HQ50 RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ HQ50 RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ XQ RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ XQ RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ PI50 RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ PI50 RoboColumn, 600 µL
 POROS™ D50 RoboColumn, 200 µL
 POROS™ D50 RoboColumn, 600 µL
 CaptureSelect™ KappaXL RoboColumn, 50 µL
 CaptureSelect™ KappaXL RoboColumn, 200 µL
 CaptureSelect™ FcXL RoboColumn, 50 µL
 CaptureSelect™ FcXL RoboColumn, 200 µL
 CaptureSelect™ Albumin RoboColumn, 200 µL

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