Column Genie Screens

Get the best of your separations

Available as a convenient and easy to use selector tool, Column Genie reliably helps you choose the most appropriate analytical, high throughput, HPLC, UHPLC, or bioLC column for your application.

Select the right Thermo Scientific HPLC column for your method. Download the latest HPLC column selector app for access to Column Genie–the HPLC column selection tool for your mobile device.

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Key benefits of the app
Column Genie HPLC Column Selection App
  • Search HPLC columns by chromatographic mode (e.g. reversed phase, normal phase, HILIC, etc.) and stationary phase (C18, C8, PFP etc.)
  • Search BioLC columns by application area (proteins, monoclonal antibodies, etc.) and chromatographic mode (e.g. ion exchange, affinity)
  • Refine column search based on key parameters such as particle size and column dimensions
  • Find full specifications on the column of choice
  • Simple email function makes it easy to share column details with colleagues
  • Links to application notes, manuals and brochures on the Thermo Fisher website

Column Genie video tutorials

These tutorials show you how to navigate the Enterprise Selector Framework App on a tablet or mobile phone. During the tutorial you will learn how to use the browse functionality to quickly narrow down products that can be emailed to yourself or potential customers. Additionally, these tutorials will give you an in-depth step by step review of how to use the email, sort, and filter functionalities.

Download the Column Genie app

Available for Apple™ iOS™ devices, and Android™ mobile devices.

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