Luciferase reporter assays are widely used because of their sensitive detection capacity and broad dynamic range. While many companies make instruments to detect and measure luciferase activity, identifying the right instrument for you can be difficult because of their high degree of feature variability. We therefore gathered salient information about many of the instruments available to date so we could provide a resource to help you compare the different instruments, their type, spectral resolution compatibility, filter size, and injectors (if any).

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MakeModelInstrument typeCapable of spectral resolutionFilter sizeInjectors
ATTOLuminescencer OctaSingle tube luminometerYesBuilt inYes—Max. 1
ATTOPheliosLuminometer plate readerYesBuilt inYes—1 or 2
ATTOKronos DioLuminometer, real time cultureYesBuilt inNo
ATTOLumiFLspectrocaptureMultimodal, single sample, cooled CCDYesN/AYes
Berthold TechnologiesMithras LB 940Multimodal plate readerYes25 mmYes—Max. 4
Berthold TechnologiesTriStar LB 941Multimodal plate readerYes25 mmYes—Max. 4
Berthold TechnologiesTriStar2 LB 942Multimodal plate readerYes25 mmYes—Max. 3
Berthold TechnologiesCentroLIA LB 961LuminometerNoN/ANo
Berthold TechnologiesCentroLIApc LB 962LuminometerNoN/ANo
Berthold TechnologiesCentro LB 960LuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 3
Berthold TechnologiesCentro XS3 LB 960LuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 3
Berthold TechnologiesCentroPRO LB 962LuminometerNoN/ANo
Berthold TechnologiesJunior LB 9509Portable tube luminometerNoN/ANo
Berthold TechnologiesLumat LB 9507Single tube luminometerNoN/AYes
Berthold TechnologiesLumat 3Single tube luminometerNoN/AYes—2
Berthold TechnologiesAutoLumat LB 953Multi-tube luminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 3
BioTekSynergy NeoMultimodal plate readerYesNo infoYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy H4Multimodal plate readerYes17.5 mmYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy 2Multimodal plate readerYes17.5 mmYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy 2 SLLuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy MxLuminometer or multimodalLimited - monochronometer basedBuilt inYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy HTMultimodal plate readerYes17.5 mmYes—Max. 2
BioTekFLx800Multimodal plate readerYes17.5 mmYes—Max. 1
BioTekSynergy H1mMultimodal plate readerYes - filter moduleNo infoYes—Max. 2
BioTekSynergy H1Multimodal plate readerYes - w/ filter module17.5 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechPHERAstar FSHTS multimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechPHERAstar PlusHTS multimodalYes12 or 15 mmNo
BMG LabTechFLUOstar OmegaMultimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechPOLARstar OmegaMultimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechNOVOstarMultimodalNoN/AYes—Max. 2 + integrated pipettor system
BMG LabTechFLUOstar OPTIMAMultimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechPOLARstar OPTIMAMultimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechLUMIstar OmegaLuminometerYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechLUMIstar OPTIMALuminometerYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
BMG LabTechFLUOstar OPTIMA FLMultimodalYes12 or 15 mmYes—Max. 2
HamamatsuFDSS/µCellKinetic plate readerNo infoNo infoYes—whole plate dispenser (96 or 384 well)
HamamatsuFDSS7000EXHigh throughput screening systemYes (optional feature)No infoYes—several dispensing options
HamamatsuFDSS/RayCatcherLuminometer plate readerYes (optional feature)No infoNo
Harta InstrumentsMicroLumi L2Luminometer (for field use)No infoNo infoNo info
HidexPlate Chameleon VMicroplate reader, modularYes - Using Filtered Detection Mode25 mmYes—Max. 2
HidexTriathlerLuminometer or multilabel testerNoN/AYes—Max. 1
Molecular DevicesFlexStation 3MultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/APipettor - 8 or 16 channel
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax ParadigmMultimodal, HTSYes, but may require custom filter cartridgeCartridge-basedNo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M5eMultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M5MultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M4MultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M3MultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M2eMultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax M2MultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/ANo
Molecular DevicesFilterMax F3MultimodalYes - but only detects to 650 nmNo infoNo
Molecular DevicesFilterMax F5MultimodalYesNo infoNo
Molecular DevicesSpectraMax LLuminometerYes - but only detects to 630 nmNo infoYes—Max. 2
Perkin ElmerEnSpireMultilabelLimited - monochronometer basedN/AYes—Max. 2
Perkin ElmerEnVisionMultilabelYesNo infoYes—Max. 2
Perkin ElmerEnVision XciteMultilabelYesNo infoYes—Max. 2
Perkin ElmerVictor X LightLuminometerYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor X2MultilabelYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor X3MultilabelYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor X4MultilabelYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor X5MultilabelYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor3MultilabelYesNo infoYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerVictor3 VMultilabelYesNo infoYes—Max. 4
Perkin ElmerMicroBeta2 LumiJETScintillation and luminescenceNoN/AYes—1 or 2 per detector, 1 to 12 detectors
Perkin ElmerTopCount NXTScintillation and luminescenceNoN/ANo
Perkin ElmerViewLux CCD ImagerMultimodal HTSYes60 mmNo
PromegaGloMax-Multi+ w/ InstinctMultimodalNoN/AYes—Max. 2
PromegaGloMax-MultiMultimodalNoN/AYes—Max. 2
PromegaGloMax-96LuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2
PromegaGloMax-20/20Luminometer (w/ optional fluorescence module)NoN/AYes—Max. 2
PromegaGloMax-Multi JrMultimodalNoN/ANo
StratecSolarisLuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 3
StratecSL 300LuminometerNo infoNo infoPipetting System
TecanInfinite F200 PROMultimodalYes, but filters cannot be changed by customer12.5 mmYes—Max. 2
TecanInfinite F500MultimodalYes, but filters cannot be changed by customer12.5 mmYes—Max. 2
TecanInfinite M200 PROMultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/AYes—Max. 2
TecanInfinite M1000 PROMultimodalLimited - monochronometer basedN/AYes—Max. 2
Thermo ScientificVarioskan FlashMultimodalYes24.5 - 25.4 mmYes—Max. 3
Thermo ScientificAppliskanMultimodalYes25.4 mmYes—Max. 2
Thermo ScientificFluoroskan Ascent FLMultimodalYes15 mmYes—Max. 3
Thermo ScientificLuminoskan AscentLuminometerYes15 mmYes—Max. 3
TiterTek BertholdMPL1LuminometerNoN/ANo
TiterTek BertholdMPL2LuminometerNoN/ANo
TiterTek BertholdOrion LLuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2
TiterTek BertholdOrion IILuminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 4
TiterTek BertholdSiriusSingle tube luminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2
TiterTek BertholdSirius LSingle tube luminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2
TiterTek BertholdFB12Single tube luminometerNoN/ANo
TiterTek BertholdSmart Line - Smart CardSingle tube luminometerNoN/AYes—Max. 2

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