The Thermo Scientific Nexsa XPS System is the first compact XPS sytem that integrates other analytical techniques such as ISS, UPS, REELS and Raman and provides research results as well as high throughput.  

What is a 360° video?

A 360 degree video allows you to experience virtual reality right from your smartphone. 

Ready to see the Nexsa XPS System in action?

Get your 360° Google Cardboard™ goggles out and follow the instructions below. 

    1. Open this page on your smart phone for quick access to links to the Apple™ or Google Play™ App Stores

    2. Download YouTube™ mobile app from Apple App Store or Google Play

    3. Download the Google Cardboard app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

    4. Open the YouTube app and search for Nexsa XPS System or Nexsa VR, or click here if your settings will open YouTube videos automatically in app.

Screen capture of Nexsa VR video

    5. Click on Nexsa VR video and select the Google Cardboard icon

Google Cardboard icon

    6. Place phone in virtual reality goggles

    7. Press play

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