We look forward to seeing you at booth #501 at the Society for Neuroscience 2016 annual meeting for these exciting activities, events, and offerings:


Play the Stacking Dolls game

This is your chance to take home a set of our Protein Biology Dolls!*

SNF 2016 Socks

Get a pair of designer socks*

Be the envy of all your colleagues.

Complete your choice of any four activities (see the list below) and turn in your completed activity card at the info counter in the booth to receive a pair of designer socks featuring neuronal cells stained with Invitrogen™ fluorescent reagents.*

  1. Tools—pick up a copy of Life in the Lab or BioProbes™ Journal of Cell Biology Applications.
  2. Cell culture— Learn about our new Gibco™ products: CultureOne™ Neuronal Supplement and One Shot™ FBS.
  3. Cell counting—learn best practices and join the movement to end the madness of manual cell counting.
  4. Antibodies—check out the New Invitrogen™ Alexa Fluor™ Plus secondary antibodies and neuro antibodies at the Antibody Kiosk!
  5. Cell imaging—check out our newest innovation in cell imaging.
  • 6. High-content analysis—see how neuron populations are analyzed using integrated imaging and analysis.
  • 7. Automation—learn how easy lab automation can be with the Thermo Scientific™ Spinnaker robot with vision capabilities.
  • 8. Protein analysis—discover our complete solutions for western blotting workflow designed to drive optimal results; pick up a free western blots troubleshooting guide to learn more.
  • 9. NGS and microdissection—check out our latest innovations in next-generation sequencing NSG and laser-capture microdissection LCM technologies.