Introducing a fast, powerful, flexible online data analysis solution

Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules are a set of modules that provide an online toolkit for the analysis of qPCR data. The software takes advantage of cloud computing to provide highly versatile analysis tools that are flexible, fast, and easy to use and facilitate functional understanding of qPCR and related data.


Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules allow users to combine over 100 genotyping, expression, or qPCR experiments into a project and analyze the data within minutes. From the new Thermo Fisher Cloud, subscribers will have access to their choice of application-based software modules.

This online solution offers excellent features and functionality for laboratories performing genotyping or gene expression experiments. Additionally, this family of modules supports analysis of over five hundred 384-well plates, 500 TaqMan® Array cards, or 100 OpenArray® plates in a project within minutes. The software helps you simplify your workflow, spend less time on data analysis, and invest your valuable time publishing and advancing research.

Featured modules
qPCR Gene Expression Module

Enables fast and powerful gene expression analysis with enhanced visual capabilities for relative quantification, including correlation plots, and volcano and cluster analysis. Each graph has drill-down features. The module also permits the flexibility to customize grouping of data within projects for thorough analysis.

qPCR Genotyping Tool

This tool expands Genotyper™ software with improved visuals and integrates traces of allelic discrimination plots, enabling immediate QC of your SNP assays to help eliminate false positives.

High Resolution Melt (HRM) Module

The HRM module expands our existing HRM Analysis Software with support for interlocking views for the melt curve, amplification plot, and multi-component plot, as well as the ability to analyze multiple runs at the same time.

High Resolution Melt (HRM) Module
Presence/Absence Module
Presence/Absence Module
  • Enhanced presence/absence call and visualization capabilities
  • A Ct (cycle threshold)-based presence/absence calling method that supports user configurable thresholding and multiplex presence/absence 


Fast & powerful analysis

Leveraging features of the Google Chrome™ browser, Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules analyze data at high speeds from the moment you begin data analysis. There is no need to wait for software to launch on your desktop or huge data files to open. The speed of the qPCR analysis software helps you to quickly dive into the data analysis process. More importantly, with analysis speeds up to 50 times faster than those of desktop software, the software helps save time and allows you to analyze your data much more quickly and to seamlessly transition from data to insight.


This powerful software solution combines unique analysis tools, computing power, and data storage into a single package.

Easy to use


Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules provide an integrated solution for gene expression and genotyping analysis. Data generated from our qPCR platforms can easily be manipulated in the cloud environment. Help optimize efficiency by exclusively using the cloud for data storage once it is collected from the instrument. With your data files securely stored on the cloud-based digital hub, along with software hosted on the cloud, hard drive space on your computer can be available for other applications.

Flexible user analysis

Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules are the first research tools available on the Thermo Fisher Cloud platform, which allows users to manipulate their data in one application. No longer is there a need to have multiple software programs open—your work can be performed in one place. With the use of Analysis Groups within a project, you can have multiple analysis instances operating simultaneously to analyze various assemblies of data, such as time-course experiments or large-scale genotyping studies.

Enabling accurate, reproducible results


Applied Biosystems® qPCR analysis modules enable accurate results from algorithms developed by our experienced bioinformaticians. Results are displayed in stunning visualizations that can be adapted for display in manuscripts or seminars.