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AutoScanXT LCM Image Analysis Software

The Arcturus® AutoScanXT Software is an optional image analysis program for the ArcturusXT™ LCM System. This software automatically identifies areas for microdissection based on user-defined criteria. Simple to use, this software automates identification of cells greatly reducing the overall time required to perform a microdissection experiment. The AutoScanXT Image Analysis Software Module performs optimally on high contrast samples and may be used with colorimetric, fluorescence and IHC stained specimens.

Easy Workflow to Simplify Microdissection
With basic software controls, the user first selects a few typical regions of interest and background areas, and then the AutoScanXT Image Analysis Software employs these parameters to automatically identify areas in the sample for microdissection. AutoScanXT Image Analysis Software analysis files can be saved and used subsequently on other areas from the same sample or on other similarly stained tissue samples. The user may choose from a variety of algorithms depending on the complexity of the sample and may extend the analysis to include the interrogation of sample texture and morphology.

Once the regions have been automatically identified, the user may proceed to standard microdissection using the ArcturusXT™ Microdissection Instrument. Cells of interest are captured using the CapSure® LCM Caps, providing ultimate quality control with the opportunity for complete inspection and documentation.