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DataAssist Software

Applied Biosystems DataAssist Software is an easy to use data analysis tool that utilizes the Comparative CT (ddCT) method to rapidly and accurately quantitate relative gene expression across a large number of genes and samples.

Core Workflow
The main steps in the analysis performed by DataAssist Software are:

  1. Read export files (.txt or .csv) from supported instruments and software
  2. Perform raw data QC analysis and provide associated plots
  3. Perform sample normalization for each assay
  4. Perform QC analysis on normalized data
  5. Perform relative quantification for sample comparison; perform t-test for sample group comparisons; and produce graphics to visualize test results.

Easy to Use
The analysis workflow in DataAssist is simple and straightforward, you can import raw data from up to hundreds of plates or Applied Biosystems TaqMan Arrays, change analysis settings including selection of normalization controls and method (single or multiple control genes). It provides instant response and fast calculation, allows normalization using multiple reference genes, and provides analysis results in content-rich tables and scalable graphic charts that are easily exported.


Figure 1:
Control Plot

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Figure 2:
Volcano Plot

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The license for using this software is limited to data generated from Applied Biosystems Real-Time PCR instrumentation.

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