Release notes: 21 Nov 2019 (Rev 2.0.1732.0)

Announcing EVOS FL Auto 2 Revision 2.0.1732.0

Revision 2.0.1732.0 introduces new and enhanced features, including the ability to adjust field overlap percentage for stitching. It also fixes several bugs.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software.

New features

Field Overlap Adjustment

  • Ability to adjust the amount of stitching overlap between images in a scan between two options, Default overlap and More overlap

Bug fixes

Automate Bug Fixes

  • Fix for crash when setting locations on 2 slides and reviewing the locations

Settings Bug Fixes

  • Fix for stage calibration taking a minute or more to start in some instances

Revision Rev 2.0.1732.0 software update

Installation instructions

IMPORTANT!! Restart your system prior to updating to optimize the update process.

Update from USB

  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 200 MB available space.
  2. Right-click “Download” link for Software Update.
  3. Select “Save Link as”.
  4. Select USB Drive and press Save.
  5. Plug USB flash drive into the FL Auto 2 computer.
  6. Locate the update file from your USB drive in Windows Explorer and click Open
  7. A Windows™ OS setup dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with software update.
  8. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, open the FL Auto 2 software again.