Software Update (Rev 2.3.1165.163)

Announcing EVOS M7000 Software Revision 2.3.1165.163

Revision 2.3.1165.163 provides support for 4k monitors, adds vessel holders for three Nunc LabTek chamber slides, an Ibidi 18-well chamber slide and an OSI-compliant Nunc 4-well IVF plate, provides new end-user license agreements for acquisition and analysis software packages, adds 6 new Olympus objectives to the objectives list, detects and identifies V1 vs. V2 light cubes, provides an OSI-2 air-filter change reminder, runs Windows Defender by default, and provides a new Quick Save feature for saving image files. This update also fixes a bug in EVOS Analysis that could occasionally result in erroneously saved scalebars.

Please review the Installation Instructions below before updating your software.

New features

  • Support for 4k monitors
  • Added 5 new vessel holders: 2-chamber LabTek II, 8-chamber LabTek II, 8-chamber coverslip LabTek II, 4-Well Nunc IVF chamber (for OSI-1 and OSI-2), and an 18-well Ibidi chamber slide
  • Added 6 new Olympus objectives:
  • AMEP-4978 (UPLFLN4X)
  • AMEP-4984 (UPLFLN10X2)
  • AMEP-4985 (UPLFLN20X)
  • AMEP-4986 (UPLFLN40X)
  • AMEP-4987 (LUCPLFLN60X)
  • AMEP-4988 (PLFLN100X DRY)
  • New Quick Save feature for saving image files (base filename + auto numeric increment)
  • User interface identification of light cube version (V1 vs. V2)
  • EULAs for the acquisition and analysis software packages
  • OSI-2 air filter change reminder
  • Windows Defender activated by default for improved security


  • Erratic scalebar behavior in EVOS Analysis fixed

Installation Instructions

Software update (Rev 2.3.1165.163)

IMPORTANT! Restart your system prior to updating to optimize the update process.

Update from USB

Uninstall the current software

  1. Go to Windows Start and select Settings, then click on Apps
  2. Under Apps and Features select M7000 from the list of installed applications
  3. Click “Uninstall” to uninstall the software.
    Download and install the software update
  4. Insert a fresh USB drive with at least 240 MB available space.
  5. Right-click the “Download” link for Software Update.
  6. Select “Save Link as”.
  7. Select the USB Drive and press Save.
  8. Plug the USB flash drive into the M7000 computer
  9. Locate the update file from your USB drive in Windows Explorer and copy it to the hard drive.
  10. Double-click the update file from the hard drive to install the update.
  11. A Windows™ dialog box will pop up. Click Next to proceed with the software update.
  12. The screen will display the update progress. When the update is complete, click OK.
  13. Shut down the computer (Windows Start → Power icon → Shut down).
  14. Power up the computer and launch the M7000 software.
    Recalibrate your instrument
  15. Open the Settings Tab.
  16. Click on Objectives, recalibrate your objectives, then click Done at the bottom.
  17. Click on Stage Calibration, recalibrate the stage, then click Done at the bottom.
  18. Recalibrate any vessels by mounting them on the stage, click Vessels, select Calibrate Vessel, follow the instructions, and when finished click Done at the bottom.

IMPORTANT! If you experience any issues with the installation or find that it is not completing as expected, please reboot your instrument and contact Technical Support.

The number for your local Technical Support Team can be found by navigating to our home page.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.