EVOS™ XL Core Cell Imaging System

Release Notes, December 19, 2013 (REV 1.0.198)

Feature adjustment and minor corrected issues:

  • Hidden Toolbar feature adjustment: Toolbar will remain active for 20 seconds after the user has stopped using the mouse.
  • Image saving: Occasional corruption of JPG images has been resolved.
  • Image display: The system will no longer crash when moving PC mouse rapidly in and out of button area with “frozen icon”. New checkbox graphics have been added to remove the check mark when desired. The RGB text display has been fixed in the “frozen” icon, when a new image is being captured.

Download and review the Installation Instructions before updating your software. For this update it is not critical to change the file extension from .lft to .amg if you have already updated your system to Version 1.0.131. If you have not updated to this version, please change the file extension to .amg.

Software Updates
DownloadSoftware Update REV 1.0.198
Important Installation Instructions
  1. Insert fresh USB drive with at least 50MB available.
  2. Right click “Download” link for Software Update.
  3. Select “Save Link as".
    NOTE FOR IE USERS: If the file name reads .zip, change to .lft
  4. Select USB Drive and press save (File name should have .lft extension).
  5. Plug the USB flash drive into either one of the USB ports located on the LCD back (right side).
  6. Click the Settings button to display the Settings popup.
  7. Click the Update button near the bottom of the Settings popup and follow the onscreen instructions.
  8. Click the About button to confirm you are running the current software version.
DownloadXL Core Software Release Notes December 2013


Technical Documents
DownloadUser Guide: 15 APR 13 For EVOS XL Core Cell Imaging System models, updated for latest software release  
DownloadQuick Start Guide: 15 APR 13 For EVOS XL Core Cell Imaging System, updated for latest software release


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