Release notes: December 2023

Version 5.0, build 8616 of HCS Studio fixes several general bugs, while maintaining previously launched EurekaScan Finder feature for CX7 LED Pro and CX7LZR Pro instruments, which allows for multiple targeted automated scans at higher magnification based on criteria and information found at lower magnifications. Key changes for build 8616 are listed below, while a comprehensive software release notes with illustrations is available via the download link below. 

IMPORTANT!! Review the below Installation Instructions below before updating your software.

For CX5, CX7, CX7LZR, Toolbox, & View

Key bug fixes

  • Autofocus default now enabled within Autofocus Setup menu
  • Reset focus according to current form factor has been enabled
  • Real-time plate description enabled in Acquisition tab
  • Scan limits now visible in Scan Features & Limits tab
  • Acquisition window enabled with zoom function
  • Acquire Only protocol enabled as part of currently selected protocols
  • Updated assay configuration default settings

Software download and installation instructions

While only the Instrument Installer contains the new Cell Painting functionality, we recommended downloading and updating any instrument, toolbox (client), and/or View PCs to this latest build for full functionality, usability, and bug fixes. 

Please see all IMPORTANT!! notes below.

IMPORTANT!! Customers are strongly encouraged to create a system restore point, prior to proceeding with the below software installation. This will allow you to rollback in case of any problems during or after the installation. 

If on a Windows 10 PC, this can most efficiently be found by clicking the search windows and typing “restore”. If on a Windows 7 PC, this is done by searching for “system restore”.

IMPORTANT!! If updating existing software you must have HCS Studio version 3.0 (Build 8141 or later) for the install to be successful. If you have an older version, please contact for guidance on how to continue.

IMPORTANT!! Your PC’s language settings must be set to English (United States) prior to installation.

IMPORTANT!! If you are using a Standalone database (not on a Store), you must follow the steps outlined in the “If using Standalone mode” sections in the linked PDF (below) or risk losing your protocols and form factors.

IMPORTANT!! If you are currently using the on-board SQL server (mini-store), contact HCS technical support at prior to your installation for assistance with reconnecting to this database after the software installation.

IMPORTANT!! The Objective XY Offset Calibration section in the below instructions is only applicable for those customers that wish to use the Eureka Scan Finder functionality and have not performed this calibration before. The Objective XY Offset calibration should not be performed on CX5 instruments.

The installation and subsequent calibration process will take you between 1–2 hours to complete on your instrument. The full set of download and installation instructions for HCS Studio 5.0, build 8616 can be accessed via the link below.

If you experience problems with the download or installation, please contact:

HCA hardware support

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.