These firmware upgrades are for the Neon NxT Electroporation System only: Invitrogen Neon NxT Electroporation System (Cat No NEON1).

Firmware versions will include all enhancements of previous releases in addition to the new features listed below. Updates will not in any way affect the performance of your Neon NxT Electroporation System except for the specific changes outlined below. Links and release notes for all versions are included below. We recommend updating your system to the latest version for optimized performance.

Neon NxT system firmware

VersionSoftware releaseRelease note
1.0.1DownloadSee features for v1.0.1 below

New features in v1.1.0
  1. 70 new cell specific protocols and a new screen to display protocol details.
  2. Fix for search function in protocol/plate library.
  3. Disable electroporation button when tip connection error occurs during plate run.
  4. Fix for missing assigned wells in a saved custom plate.
  5. Fix for report screen flash and run not appended to run history after electroporation.
  6. Improvement on electroporation operation time.
  7. Implementation of a new computer model due to part obsolescence.

New features in v1.0.1
  1. Implementation of HV pulse test for field service activities.
  2. Improvement of sorting order in tables.
  3. Minor corrections on spelling and test remark in self-test report.
  4. Bug fixes.

Downloading the firmware file

Download the attached file onto a USB memory stick (shown in .update format).

  1. Important: For Internet Explorer users, right click the above “download” link. Click “Save Target As”. Change the file extension to “.update” and click save
  2. Save/Transfer the .update file (not in any folder) on your USB stick.
  3. Make sure that no other .update files are present on the memory stick.

Updating your Neon NxT instrument
  1. Power on the instrument.
  2. Insert the USB memory stick containing the firmware update into one of the USB ports in the Neon NxT instrument.
  3. On the Home screen, touch ‘Settings’.
  4. In the Settings menu, touch ‘Maintenance & Services’.
  5. Touch 'Software Updates’.
  6. If you have downloaded the firmware properly, the file will appear on the screen.
  7. Select the file on the screen, and press 'Upgrade' at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Touch ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want to upgrade.
    IMPORTANT! Ensure that you do not turn off the instrument when the upgrade is in progress.
  9. When the upgrade process is complete, the instrument will restart automatically. When it has rebooted, you can remove your USB stick.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.