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SOLiD™ Software

SOLiD® Software is a suite of software tools for data processing and analysis generated on the SOLiD® Analyzer. It supports multiple applications, is integrable with custom analysis pipelines, and can complete primary (image acquisition and quality control), secondary (alignment to a reference genome, base calling, and SNP identification), and tertiary analysis of fragment, paired-end, and mate-paired experiments.

Key Product Features:

  • Automatic data processing
  • Scalable computation
  • Automatic data export to offline cluster
  • Generate analysis result in base space

Efficiently Analyze Results for Numerous Applications
The suite of software and tools within SOLiD® Software provides easy-to-use steps for an end user from operating the instrument, automatic data analysis, to integrating tertiary data analysis packages (Figure 1). The SOLiD(R) Instrument Control Software (ICS--Figure 2) provides an automated operation and data analysis. It has an easy-to-use graphic user interface, and provides a guided wizard for setting up the experiment run. The SOLiD® Experiment Tracking System (SETS--Figure 3) is a web-based integrated application that enables data analysis setting, re-analysis of data, real-time remote monitoring, and visualization of analysis reports. All software applications are provided as part of the SOLiD® System in addition to a compute cluster with sufficient power to support real-time data analysis on the instrument.

Automate and Simplify Data Analysis
The SOLiD® BioScope™ Software provides a command line and simple web interface for running application-specific sequence analysis tools. The BioScope™ framework (Figure 4) enables the user to perform off-instrument secondary and tertiary analyses, and it allows configurable bioinformatics workflows for resequencing (mapping, SNP finding (DiBayes), Human copy number variations, inversions, small indels, large indels), ChIP-Seq, and whole transcriptome analysis (mapping, fusion/splicing, counting, UCSC WIG Files creation). Results will be in GFF v3 and BAM formats. The resulting industry-standard files from BioScope™ can be used with third-party visualization and analysis software tools.

The SOLiD® Analyzer comes 'preconfigured' with ICS and SETS. There are additional data analysis tools available from the SOLiD™ Software Community.

Please download the Software to a DVD/CD, and use the DVD/CD to upgrade SOLiD™ Software.

If a USB drive is used to download the software, please reformat the USB before using it or first scan the USB drive on a computer with anti-virus program to make sure it's virus free. Then use the USB drive on the instrument computer.


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