A complete collection of competent cells - Electrocompetent and chemically competent E.coli
Transformation efficiency. Genetic markers. Packaging formats that fit your workflow. These are the most important considerations when choosing competent cells for your cloning experiment. Each of these factors will directly impact the time and effort required for your project, as well as its success. That’s why we offer you a number of cell types and formats. The factors and the attributes inherent in each competent cell line, described below, will help you make the right choice so you can achieve your cloning goals

Competent cell selection guide

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Encuentre rápidamente la cepa de células competentes adecuada que se adapte a su aplicación y a su presupuesto.


Encuentre la cepa adecuada para su investigación. Cada cepa de E. coli se ha diseñado especialmente para que siga avanzando.


Nuestras células competentes se ofrecen en una variedad de formatos de empaquetado, incluidos formatos personalizados que se adaptan a sus necesidades.

Por eficacia de la transformación

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Competent cells resources

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