Free handbook to help you optimize fusion protein purification workflows

This 16-page handbook provides an overview of our wide portfolio of immobilized ligands for the purification of his-tagged proteins (Ni-NTA, Ni-IDA, and Cobalt), GST-tagged proteins (Glutathione), c-Myc-tagged proteins (anti-c-Myc), HA-tagged proteins (anti-HA), and our recently launched supports to purify DYKDDDDK (FLAG)-tagged protein (Anti-DYKDDDDK (anti-FLAG). Our broad offering of magnetic beads, magnetic agarose, agarose, Superflow and Ultralink resins enable purification and pull-down applications from low-microgram (high-throughput) to low-kilogram (pilot) scales. Our helpful selection guides and relevant data will help you select the best support to meet your needs.

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 Protein expression & production
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 Protein gel electrophoresis
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