Maximize your assay performance when you switch to TaqMan Array plates and cards

Make room for better results—and help eliminate false positives—within your qPCR applications by switching to Applied Biosystems TaqMan Array plates and cards.

  • Comprehensive—We’ve got you covered with a collection of >500 quality-guaranteed** fixed, flexible, or custom panels targeting specific pathways, biomarkers, or disease states.
  • Supreme performance—TaqMan probe-based chemistry is the gold standard in quantitative gene expression analysis, offering superb sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, and dynamic range.
  • Convenient—Just add your sample and master mix and hit RUN.  No need to run melt curves.
  • Quick results—Load 384 wells in approximately 10 minutes, without expensive liquid-handling robotics.

 Download a list of Qiagen arrays and their TaqMan counterparts

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Selection guide for TaqMan Array plates and cards


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* A minimum quantity of six custom plates per order is required.
** For the full terms and conditions, go to thermofisher.com/taqmanguarantee