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CopyCaller Software v2.1

Applied Biosystems CopyCaller Software simplifies the analysis of copy number data from real-time PCR experiments using TaqMan Copy Number Assays. Raw data are collected and relative quantitation analysis is performed with CopyCaller Software to determine the copy number of each genomic DNA target.

CopyCaller Software does the following:

  • Performs copy number analysis with or without a known calibrator sample
  • Reports data analysis details, including confidence in copy number calls
  • Displays data in table and graphic formats
  • Simultaneously analyzes and shows data from multiple experiments

The updated version of CopyCaller Software, version 2.1, has been released for download.

Updated content includes:

Additional instrument compatibility 
CopyCaller Software v2.1 can import copy number assay results files generated using QuantStudio 6, 7, and 12K Flex Systems.

Additional analysis capability 
CopyCaller Software v2.1 can analyze data generated by the Crt “relative threshold” method (available on QuantStudio 6, 7, and 12K Flex Systems and ViiA 7™ Real-Time PCR System) in addition to the Ct “baseline threshold” method.

Note: Minor bug fixes were also implemented. A complete list of features and fixes can be found in the Read Me file.

PC    Download        CopyCaller™ Software v2.1    264 MB        Read Me | User Guide