Forensic DNA casework laboratories have always encountered a percentage of challenging samples that are difficult to analyze successfully. However, sample submissions for DNA analysis have expanded in recent years to cover a much wider range of case types, including property crimes and lesser felonies. As a result, forensic laboratories now have to process more samples that suffer from one or more of a variety of complicating factors (e.g. low level DNA, degradation, new or unfamiliar PCR inhibitors, 2 or more contributors). All of these challenging conditions can impact significantly the ability of the analyst to obtain a DNA profile that can be interpreted with confidence.


The AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus PCR Amplification Kit has been developed specifically to address the needs of forensic casework laboratories. The Identifiler® Plus Kit utilizes the same primers as the widely used Identifiler® Kit, and harnesses next generation PCR amplification technology to help provide a new level of performance, data quality, and efficiency. This enables forensic analysts to recover more interpretable results from challenging casework samples with increased confidence.

  • Helps significantly improve performance on severely inhibited casework samples through the use of a high performance PCR buffer system and optimized thermal cycling parameters
  • Yields higher peak heights from low-level samples and minor contributors in mixtures to facilitate interpretation
  • Enables additional analytical flexibility by utilizing fully-validated 28- and 29-cycle protocols
  • Streamlines workflow by enabling reduced amplification time
  • Maintains the small amplicon size range of the Identifiler® Kit (<360 bp) for recovery of information from degraded samples; works in conjunction with the MiniFiler™ Kit to help maximize recovery from heavily degraded samples
  • Maintains primer sequences for genotyping concordance with samples typed with the Identifiler®, Identifiler® Direct, Profiler Plus®, COfiler® and SGM Plus® Kits
  • Utilizes an improved primer manufacturing process to help significantly reduce artifacts