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Dionex™ AAA-Direct Reagents

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Industrial Chromatography

High quality sodium acetate eluent and reliable histidine standards are crucial to reliable amino acid analysis. Ensure the best possible results by using Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AAA-Direct Reagents with your Dionex™ AAA-Direct system. Reagents include high-grade, contaminant-free sodium acetate and reliable histidine standard are pre-qualified and guaranteed not to contaminate your system. The sodium acetate is preweighed for convenient mixing —all you need to do is add water to produce the correct concentration of eluent.

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  • High-purity sodium acetate for reliable amino acid results
  • Specifically tested for amino acid analysis
  • Ships with a certificate of analysis
  • Ships as a 2-pack of sodium acetate sufficient
  • Each container makes 1L of eluent for 1 month of continuous operation
  • Includes reliable histidine standard
  • Time-saving, pre-mixed standard

About the Dionex AAA-Direct System

The Dionex AAA-Direct system is a highly sensitive and direct-detection type of amino acid analyzer that requires no sample derivatization. The Dionex AAA-Direct ion chromatography system uses integrated pulsed amperometry (IPAD)—a type of electrochemical detection—to directly detect amino acids. The Dionex AAA-Direct also provides complete separation of all common amino acids using anion-exchange chromatography (Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ AminoPac™ PA10 column).

Note: AAA-Direct users are recommended to purchase only the prequalified sodium acetate to guarantee trouble-free use of their system.

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