Thermo Scientific™

AutoPILOT PRO™Multi-Run Hydrocarbon Flow Computer

Easily integrate the Thermo Scientific™ AutoPILOT PRO™ Multi-Run Hydrocarbon Flow Computer into corporate networks to facilitate data access by office-based staff. The next-generation AutoPILOT PRO is designed to scale from a simple, single run measurement application to six runs with full station control.

Built on an innovative, field-proven technology platform, it expands easily with no upgrades required. Simply add input/output (I/O) as needed to meet changing measurement and control requirements while keeping capital expenses down. It is accurate, easy-to-use and features full USB support.
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  • Simple configuration with no programming required, enabling your staff to focus on increasing productivity and profitability
  • Simultaneous per second flow calculation on all runs ensures faster AGA calculations for rapid, accurate data capture
  • API 21.1 compliant for custody transfer applications to accurately quantify product and keep profits where they belong
  • Full USB support and high-speed Ethernet connectivity simplify data downloads to a memory stick or a PC
  • Built-in self-tuning plunger lift algorithms automatically increase well production by as much as 20%
  • Default configurations facilitate installation with no programming required
  • Superior lightning protection built into each board ensures reliable communication of flow data from remote, unmanned locations
  • Processor operates at the widest temperature range in the industry: -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (+185°F)

Compatible with AutoMITTER PRO Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter:

Achieve effective, cost-efficient data transmission to the AutoPILOT PRO by integrating an AutoMITTER PRO on each meter run. This smart multi-variable transmitter integrates seamlessly into the AutoPILOT PRO motherboard, eliminating an external card. It features a single board design to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting and eliminates the need for separate transmitters to minimize capital expenses.