Thermo Scientific™

Gauges for Aluminum Rolling Mills

Aluminum is commonly used in everyday products from automobiles to building materials to beverage cans. But aluminum production is actually very complex and requires highly technical solutions to ensure the finished material meets precise specifications. Thermo Scientific™ Gauges for Aluminum Rolling Mills meet this challenge with a comprehensive alloy compensation algorithm that provides accurate, noncontact thickness measurement in the high-speed production environment of aluminum cold strip for even the most specialized alloys and clad products.
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Thermo Scientific™ RM 210 AS Aluminum Thickness Gauge

Recommended for hot finishing mills, high speed cold mills, reversing cold mills, process lines

  • High-speed measurement data every 1ms.

  • Low-noise automatic gauge control output.

  • Alloy compensation database stores thousands of alloys, as well as multi-layer clad grades.

  • Strip angle compensation.

  • Compact sensor design for installation directly in the mill.

  • Real-time diagnostics.

  • Flexible mill computer interface developed for Serial, Ethernet, Profibus, Can-Bus, OPC, and BCD

  • Expandable architecture, available in a multi-gauge configuration permitting the use of two, three or four C-frames with just the computer electronics cabinet for enhanced cost effectiveness.

  • ACE (Automatic Correction of Energy) feature ensures permanent calibration using a minimum number of internal calibration standards.