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Continuous Ambient Particulate TEOM™ Monitor, Series 1400ab

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This product has been discontinued however we continue to provide services and support for this product.

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The TEOM Monitor, Series 1400ab, measures PM-10 or PM-2.5 mass concentrations and consists of a TEOM mass sensor and control unit in a network ready configuration. The TEOM 1400ab distinguishes itself from other PM measurement methods by utilizing a direct mass measurement that is not subject to measurement uncertainties found in other surrogate technologies. The TEOM 1400ab provides a self-referencing, NIST traceable direct mass measurement.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes TEOM technology to provide direct mass measurements
  • U.S. and internationally approved particulate monitor
  • Configurable to measure PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1 or TSP concentrations
  • Easily accommodates all sighting requirements
  • Controller provides for internal data storage with digital and analog input/output capabilities

Standard System Configuration:

  • TEOM sensor and control units
  • Menu-driven software for user interaction via the keypad
  • ActiVol flow control using Automatic Mass Flow Controller(s) and Ambient Temperature Pressure Sensors
  • RPCOMM software for local or remote communication
  • Support for 8500 FDMS and/or ACCU™ System


  • Connecting and interface cables and vacuum pump Pallflex TX40 filter, 13mm effective diameter

Compatible with:

  • 8500 FDMS
  • ACCU
  • Streamline Pro MultiCal System
  • Complete Outdoor Enclosure
  • Sample Equilibrium System (SES)

Recommended for:

  • Air quality monitoring networks, including background sites
  • Special studies and supersites
  • Routine input for air quality index
  • Remediation projects (Superfund, hazardous waste)
  • Indoor air, exposure chamber, and industrial hygiene measurements
  • In and around industrial and material handling facilities