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Applied Biosystems™

Dynabeads™ MX4 Mixer

Catalog number:  15910

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The Dynabeads® MX4 Mixer combines Dynabeads® MX Mixer Base (Cat. No. 159-02) and MPC®-S Mixing Head (Cat. No. 159-11). Designed to hold two MPC®-S sample racks (Cat. No. A13346); capacity up to 12 microcentrifuge tubes.

Dynabeads® MX mixers provide continuous gentle motion to obtain optimal binding of Dynabeads® with targets (e.g., cells, proteins, nucleic acids). Variable speed (5-40 rpm). Can be operated in both cold and warm conditions (4-37°C). Inter-changeable heads accommodate different tube sizes and sample volumes.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Dynabeads® Sample Mixers
Product Size: 1 unit