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pMCS-Cypridina Luc Vector for Luciferase Assays

Catalog number: 16149
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pMCS-Cypridina Luc Vector for Luciferase Assays

Catalog number: 16149
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The Thermo Scientific pMCS-Cypridina Luc Vector is a multiple cloning site plasmid designed to accept a promoter sequence for study of gene regulation using the naturally secreting Cypridina luciferase reporter.

The Cypridina Luc Vectors contain a gene cloned from the marine ostracod, Cypridina noctiluca. The gene encodes a naturally-secreted bioluminescent Cypridina luciferase (62kDa), which enables measurement of the reporter activity in media (for real-time assays) and in cell lysates. The pMCS vector contains a multiple cloning site for cloning a promoter to study its regulatory potential.

Features of the Cypridina Luc Vectors:

• Naturally-secreting Cypridina luciferase gene, optimized for high expression in mammalian systems
• Multiple cloning site (MCS) provides versatility for transfer of regulatory elements from one plasmid to another
• Transcription termination site (Ter), Lac operator (Lac O1), and transcriptional pause site (TPS) used to minimize background by reducing transcriptional read-through
• Both puromycin (Pur) and ampicillin (Amp) markers for drug selection in mammalian and bacterial cells, respectively
• High-copy pUC bacterial DNA replication origin
• Two control vectors are also available, with strong (CMV) or weak (TK) constitutive promoters for co-transfection and normalization

The pMCS-, pCMV- and pTK-Cypridina Luc Vectors encode the Cypridina luciferase reporter with excellent light intensity.

These vectors are subject to a limited use label license.

More Product Data
Highly sensitive multiplex luciferase reporter assays
Luciferase assays in hard-to-transfect Jurkat cells
Monitoring neuronal differentiation using multiplexed luciferase reporters
Activation of the antioxidant response pathway by pesticide chemicals

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


pMCS-Cypridina Luc Vector
Luc Vector
Cloning Method
Restriction Enzyme/MCS
Delivery Type
10 µg
Reporter Gene
Cypridina Luciferase
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic)
Product Line
For Use With (Application)
Reporter Assays

Contents & Storage

Store between -70°C and -20°C.