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Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument, with tower computer

Catalog number:  4406985

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The Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument with SDS Software is a real-time nucleic acid amplification and five-color fluorescence detection system available for in vitro diagnostic use. The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument delivers the performance required for high-quality results in a 96-well format.

• 96-well format eases plate setup if automation is not available
• Accommodates tube strips, which can be capped immediately after pipetting each sample
• Fast mode completes runs in less than forty minutes
• Optional standard mode facilitates use of standard length real-time PCR assays without changing thermal cycling parameters
• 5-color variable excitation enables multiplex assays

Convenient 96-well Format
The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument minimizes the effort required to perform sample setup while also allowing the use of tube strips.

Intuitive Software to Run Pre-optimized Protocols
The 7500 Fast Dx instrument's Sequence Detection Software Security, Auditing, and E-Signature module offers the flexibility to develop assays and also run pre-optimized protocols for users operating in a secure environment.

Instrument Service and Support
The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument is supported by our AB Assurance Service Plan for Diagnostics, which includes:
• Instrument Installation Qualification, Operation Qualification, and Performance Qualification (IQ⁄OQ⁄PQ)
• Spectral calibration and software setup
• Emergency repair, including parts and labor, and OQ⁄PQ after any major part change
• Planned maintenance every 12 months

Europe: For in vitro Diagnostic Use. The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument meets the requirements of the in vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices Directive (98⁄79⁄EC). The CE IVD-registered 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR Instrument is for distribution and use in specific European countries only.

USA: For in vitro Diagnostic Use. The 7500 Fast Dx Real-Time PCR instrument is 510(k)-cleared (K082562). The customer is responsible for any validation of assays and compliance with any regulatory requirements that pertain to their procedures and instrument use.


Calibrated Dye: TAMRA, Cy3, FAM, SYBR Green, Texas Red, JOE, ROX, Cy5, NED, VIC
Capacity: 12 x 8-tube strips, 1 x 96-well plate (Fast)
Dimensions: 34 cm (13.39 in) (W) x 49 cm (19.29 in) (H) x 45 cm (17.72 in) (D)
External Computer: Computer tower provided
Format: 96-well plate, 8-well strips
Optics: CCD Camera, Halogen light source, Five excitation and five emission filters
Passive Reference Dye: ROX (Separate Tube), Other Passive Reference Dye, ROX (Pre-mixed)
Peak Block Ramp Rate: 5.5°C⁄sec
Precision: Distinguish between 5,000–10,000 genome equivalents (two-fold copy number difference) with 99.7% confidence
Reaction Speed: Fast, Standard
Reaction Volume Range: 10-30 µl
Run Time: 36 min (Fast), <2 hrs (Standard)
Sample Ramp Rate: Fast mode: ± 3.5°C⁄sec, Standard mode: ± 1.6°C⁄sec
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Temperature Range (Metric): 4.0-99.9 °C
Temperature Uniformity: ±1°C
Thermal Cycling System: Peltier-Based System
Throughput: 4 to 5 96-well plates per day
Weight: 34 kg (75 lb)
For Use With (Equipment): 7500 Fast Dx System
Includes: Desktop Computer
Max. Heating Rate (Thermal Block): 5.5°C
Dynamic Range: 9 logs of linear dynamic range
Sensitivity: Down to 1 copy of human RNAse P gene

Contents & storage

The package includes one real-time PCR instrument, one Dell tower computer, Primer Express Software, and Sequence Detection Software. Recommended operating conditions: Temperature: 15 to 30 °C (59 to 86 °F). Maximum change of less than 15 degrees Celsius (27 °F) per 24 hrs. Humidity: 20 to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing.